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During The Mediation, What Does The Mediator(s) Do?

During The Mediation, What Does The Mediator(s) Do?

Traditionally mediation is conduct by a single mediator. However, co-mediation or a panel of three mediators is becoming commonplace. Co-mediation and panel mediation allows each party to select a mediator instead of mutually agreeing on a single one.

At the Initial Session:

– Assess whether and how to intervene with the Parties
– Creates a comfortable environment for communication
– Invites parties to participate, to share their thoughts and concerns
– Establishes the purpose, structure and guidelines of mediation with the parties

During the Resolution Process:

– Encourages creativity and out-of-the-box ideas
– Helps parties brainstorm solutions with each other
– Helps each party think through their options
– Establishes vocabulary words of potential agreements
– Discuss how agreed resolutions can be implemented
– Drafts a Resolution Agreement to be reviewed
– Finalizes Resolution Agreement in writing signed both parties

Throughout the Session:

– Helps each party to feel heard, respected and acknowledged
– Identifies key issues that parties need to address and interests influencing issues
– Outlines the issues and interests so they can be visually seen
– Continues to create an ambiance of safety and dignity
– Helps keep the process focused and forward moving
– Manages emotions and communication styles
– Deals with unproductive power dynamics and egos
– Encourages risk taking
– Facilitates an effective negotiation process
– Sorts out personal and emotional impasses and position obstacles

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